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Children And Youth Development

2007 Flyer by Calvin Gurley requesting the Mayor to rescind the $3.00 tax for Ward 4 children to use the Takoma Recreation Center indoor pool during the summer.

Our recreation centers will employee area college students majoring in Physical Education, or related studies, to create and implement fun games, educational and learning activities for our youth.

 Children and Youth Avoiding Crime

Keeping youth busy and entertained. A Win-Win!

Our recreation centers will employ area college and university students majoring in Physical Education to create and implement fun activities and inviting programs of learning and play. This can bring great work experience to those college students as well as take our children off the streets. Council Chairman Gurley, as a former recipient, will seek funding from the U.S. Department of Justice Youth & Gang Intervention Programs to support youth programming.

Tutorial programs will be established to assist our children with the help they need to win in their classrooms. Children who participate in the tutorial programs on a weekly basis will be rewarded with incentives -- retail gift cards and food prizes -- to promote academic excellence.'s time to win again!

Win with Calvin Gurley -  your next Council Chairman of the D.C. City Council

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