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Calvin H. Gurley will review D.C. out sourced contracts that employ other states' residents and pay them with D.C. tax dollars. The review will recommend that qualified D.C. residents should be employed for those contracted positions once the contract expires.

Youth/ Student Employment Opportunity

Council Chairman Gurley will re-establish in our children's high school professional training with a guaranteed job opportunity by enacting the:

1) Fire Cadet Program that will enable interested and committed students to enter the D.C. Fire Academy; and,

2) Police Cadet Program that will enable interested students to enter the D.C. Police Academy upon high school graduation.

All High Schools will operate and provide the Fire Cadet and Police Cadet programs for our beloved children and graduating seniors.

Sad - Lost Professional Job Opportunity For D.C. Youth

Over approximately two years, the D.C. Council appropriated $10 million dollars to then Fire Chief Denis Rubin to establish several Fire Cadet Programs in our childrens' public high school.

Mind you, the Council annually appropriates additional funding for overtime to all emergency and enforcement agencies. The Fire Cadet Program would have trained and offer our high school graduates an opportunity to enter the Fire Academy to become a D.C. firefighter. Yes, professional jobs for D.C. graduating high school seniors.

Well, Fire Chief Rubin testified at a Council hearing that he paid overtime to his favorite staff employees instead of spending the mandated $10 million dollars on the planned District's Fire Cadet Program. Our children and D.C. high school graduates lost again. The Council did not fire or reprimand the Fire Chief.'s time to win again!

Win with Calvin Gurley -  your next Council Chairman of the D.C. City Council

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