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First, the District Metropolitan Police will be the best in the City. Council Chairman Gurley will seek full funding to increase the ranks of police officers to be on the streets, and provide the necessary resources for our police force to keep our community, safe. A win for our police department.

Second, Council Chairman Gurley will provide job stability for all police officers by pushing for the Government and the Mayor to move forward on the long-awaited re-negotiated employment agreement. Our officers have been without an updated contract for at least seven years.

Third, all residents will receive full service and equal treatment with professional behavior and service from the 4th District. All police officers and management will receive diversity training and enforce a no tolerance policy in handling bullying, sexual harassment, hate crimes and family abuse. Safe streets to walk and children playing in parks will be restored by enforcing loitering and youth curfew laws.

"We will win against crime in our Ward." 

"CURRENT CRIME WAVE...Must Be Put To An End."

Your Voice to Bring More Police Presence to the Community

We have a serious need of urgency to turn around this unsuspecting crime wave of armed 'gun-to-the-head' robberies, muggings and car jackings. We have never seen this level of serious crime. Residents should not have to wait until the Police Department's April 2014 graduation class of new officers before our issues are addressed.

GURLEYwill be your strong voice to have the Police Department activate those 200 plus officers from behind the desk to provide the police presence and foot patrol to combat this surge of crime in the District of Columbia

This is a Disgrace, its Ruthless ...and I will not Tolerate Crime in the District of Columbia

From: Alp


Sent: Tuesday, November 8, 2011 6:50 PM

Subject: RE: [TakomaDC] Armed Robbery on Dahlia

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That didn't happen "close to home" but in the home. I find this criminal act downright arrogant and it further illustrates the depraved attitude of

these criminals. To me there is a pure sense of lawlessness in this

city-It's OK to rob, steal, and mug anywhere anytime. This attitude cuts

across racial and economic lines. I'm shocked and very upset about this.

This happened in my doorway...

From: [] On Behalf

Of takoma101

Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2011 5:19 PM


Subject: [TakomaDC] Armed Robbery on Dahlia

Hey neighbors,

Sad news, my housemate was mugged at gun point near the corner of Dahlia and

Georgia just after 9 pm. She believes they followed her all the way from

Piney Branch or even from the metro. 2 guys made off with her bag, phone and

wallet. Later, her credit card was used at a gas station on Riggs Road.

GURLEY - "...I will hound, fight and scratch this D.C. Police Department to get it right and get crime under control immediately in the District..."'s time to win again!

Win with Calvin Gurley -  your next Council Chairman of the D.C. City Council

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