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Schools must provide more than just standardized learning tests. Our children will win through involvement with music and arts, after school activities including producing music, chorus groups, chess teams, table top tennis tournaments, military drill teams and marching bands.

TEACHERS To Turn On The Lights

in a

Student's Mind

Our teachers

For our teachers to perform and be the best that they can be, we the parents, school principals and administrators must honor them and give them the respect and the needed resources they deserve.

People are not "poor" they are just "weak".

Our teachers need our support and respect to bring out the strengths in our children to excel and to make them strong mentally to accept any challenges on paper, in the classroom or in life. C. Gurley

Gurley will not sit back and allow this to damage and hurt our children's hope and dreams for a new school. Gurley will go to the Wilson Building and have the Council reverse their budget funding and our high schools will receive their promised funding to be renovated.

DC Public Schools Get New Funding

Calvin Gurley will push the Council to have a percentage of the D.C. Lottery sales revenue bring additional funds to our children's public schools. Both, Virginia and Maryland Governments participate in donating a percentage of their state's lottery sale revenues to their children's public schools. Why can't the District do the same?

Chancellor Must Provide a 5 Year School Improvement Plan For Parents

D.C. parents must have a completed five year plan from the Chancellor highlighting the goals and objective for all D.C. schools. From an auditing stand point performance goals must be established; and from an accounting stand point the Chancellor must be measured by achieving those goals and objectives.

COUNCIL MUST RE-ESTABLISH an Education Committee of the Whole - Again.

D.C. Council must re-establish a council of the whole - Education Committee. All council members should weigh-in and be responsible for the oversight of our children's education and the performance of D.C. public and Charter schools.'s time to win again!

Win with Calvin Gurley -  your next Council Chairman of the D.C. City Council

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