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We residents all know about the efficiency of the D.C. Parking Enforcement Department; and we are baffled why other City services and police protection are not as efficient.

I have read many neighbors comments on their frustrations and tire of losing to predatory ticketing in their neighborhoods by D.C. Ticket enforcement officers. Many of your comments were submitted over the Thanksgiving, Hannakauh and Christmas Holidays when relatives and loved ones visit, overnight, only to receive gifts of residential parking tickets.

We must have more compassion for our relatives and love ones during these holiday seasons. The District reaps sales taxes from our family and friends who shope and dine D.C. stores and restaurants. Let's make their stay more memorable and stress free so they will return to our fine City, year after year. 


Q: What is the fine?

A: Violators must pay a $40 fine. Since the violations are being treated as civil and not criminal violations, there are no license points assigned and vehicle insurance providers are not notified of the citation.

The D.C. Council must adjust the fine for a speed camera violation in order to not commit a financial burden for the majority of residents whose wages have not increased or has kept up with inflation.

Many D.C. employees have not been promoted or have not incur a pay increase in years. But, to only have their take home pay decreased several times during the year due to the Council's designated furlough days - in order to balance the D.C. budget.

The Council must;

1) acknowledge that they must control their spending, and

2) the Council must find their voice to demand that the Federal G0vernment increase their annual appropriation to the District of Columbia.

Calvin H. GURLEY...your next Chairman on the

                    D.C. City Council

The Change We Need...

                                         The Voice We Deserve

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