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Dear Neighbors, we have experienced many years of failure and disappointment. You should be frustrated and tired of always losing. Our children are losing in school, our Seniors and Retirees are losing their homes and savings to increased property taxes and annual utility rate hikes. And, now we are losing to a new crime wave threatening our community. Our City and our Council has lost it's voice and it's fight.


Let's choose to win, again! I am the change we need and the voice you deserve to create jobs, to improve our schools, to provide safe streets and to bring affordable

rental units for our college graduates and

our working class.

I am a Federal Government auditor with accounting experience, and the only candidate with plans to put more police on the streets, to bring meaningful commercial development, and to have the city deliver on its promises. We will reduce conflicts of interest amongst the City Council. While my office will be situated in the Wilson Building, I will be visibly working in your community to serve and protect you and your family. There is none more committed than me.

Calvin H. GURLEY

GURLEY has been serving the District of Columbia as your voice in advocating for our children and seniors and defending our community.

D.C. Residents's time to win again,

Win with Calvin Gurley -  your next Council Chairman

        of the D.C. City Council 2014

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